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Belt drive

Top of the range
Gates CDX Center Track


Integrated GPS tracker


Integrated rear light

Stiff & Light

AL7005 T6 Frame


Composite fork


Custom painting options








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We love bikes, we ride bikes, we built one.

I'm not sure if I first started walking or riding a bike. It's just something within myself.
I do remember being a curious kid dismantling and assembling all the parts I could put my hands on, testing and re-testing them, breaking down a few, falling off the bike and getting up again all in the name of riding and enjoying it.
Well, there was no internet back then, so I had to learn the hard way. I guess that I simply like bicycles and riding them.

In my 20's I took part in several downhill events for the pure thrill of rough grounds and speed ecstasy. It was awesome to ride between all those Pros and I sure did learnt a lot, making my riding passion to grown even further. As the guy on the right said, we cars were our connection point but soon our bicycle passion came out of the pot and we started to imagine what we would change if we built our own bicycle project, like if we would ever have one.

From joking and teasing the first OVERLAP sketches were made, the angles of the frame were changed several times to make it a comfortable speeder and yet with a cool design twist, the components were carefully chosen and the first prototype was built and guess what? We could actually ride it full speed ahead! What an enjoyment moment that was.

The OVERLAP project comes as a child dream impossible not to share with you. Hope you like it, you ride it and you can enjoy it as much as we do.

My first bicycle related memories go way back to last century when I was 8 years old or so. I remember a small red foldable bike, portuguese made, which I transformed and tuned up: off went the chromed fenders, the stickers and it received a very special oversprayed painting that made it somewhere near a rough dark red wall brick. Seemed cool at that time though. Easily explainable why it got broken in half on a beautiful backyard jump.
The sucessor was a silver bmx bike. Wow, how cool it was! Obviously it went through the same tuning overhauling but lasted a bit longer.
Years went by and my riding passion didn't make it against my car passion. Nevertheless I still rode a bicycle whenever the moment arised.
On the millenium turn I met the guy on the left, a passionate bicycle rider and also a car enthusiast. I regained my passion for bikes & rides, at that time with an up to date mountain bicycle, a companion for many, many thousand of miles.
Somewhere along this way an idea started to shape in our minds: why shouldn't we build our own bike and put all our crazy ideas on it?
We started the first drawings back in 2011 and after many setbacks that almost made us quit, here we are, the proud fathers of the first Overlap bicycle.
We wanted to make it different, original with carefully chosen components but also quite simple and practical. A daily companion and a weekend racer if you wish. I think it's so beautiful that you're gonna just sit and stare many, many times in between rides!
We designed it for our pleasure but the project wouldn't be complete if we didn't share it with you.


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